Create Top-Notch Emails Using Preheader Text to Increase Opens

Email boxes are flooded everyday. Thus making it important that your message is customized and will stand out against the rest.

One component of creating a standout email is adding a preheader–because, the preheader provides a sneak peek into what your email contains prior to your reader opening it (think of it as a second subject line!).

Announcing Email Preheader Text

Starting today, you can now easily change preheader text to your campaign directly from the Campaign Summary page, just like you do the subject line.

Studies show that inserting preheader text can increase open rates up to 30%. So instead of hard coding HTML to add preheader content, we’re making it easier to customize your messages. Now, more of your contacts will see the message you want them to see — whether summarizing the email content or creating a “second” subject line — as you can quickly add and surface the content.

Plus, there’s a lot you can do with preheaders:

  • Use emojis to add some flair to your emails
  • Understand which content performs the best with split testing up to five preheaders
  • Add as much content as you want… but remember, what the recipient will see is dependent on the size of the screen